Terms & Conditions

  1. Delivery Charges: The price of the product does not comprise of delivery charges. Delivery cost is charged separately by Sweetoo retailer and same is mentioned in the terms and condition. Determination of delivery charges cost is depended upon the quantity you purchase.

  1. Delivery Time: According to the terms and agreement between customer and the retailer, the delivery time will be decided.

  1. Payment mode: For payment, customer can opt for either options i.e. online payment or Cash on Delivery (COD) mode. In COD mode, settlement of payment will be done only with the retailer you have chosen. Customer can verify the product after the delivery only. Customer must confirm whether he or she is satisfied with the product or not. In case of online payment, Sweetoo will settle down the payment and take the confirmation regarding delivery of goods with the chosen retailer by you.

  1. Return Policy: Customer has to verify the goods after the delivery whether the goods are in a proper condition or it is damaged. If customer finds any defect in the product then, the customer can return the product and request for the replacement with the correct one.

  1. Delivery of incorrect item: Accidentally, if the retailer supplied wrong item to the customer, then the customer have to verify that product and ask for the replacement with the correct one or refuse the delivery.

  1. Confidentiality: Our team will always take care of keeping customer information confidential. It must be stored secured.

  1. Cancellation policy: Customer can cancel the order any time before the arrival of delivery time. In such situation, the amount will be refunded, if any payments made by customer.

  1. Personal information: For the purpose of registration, we need the following information about customer: Name (Including first and last name), Email ID, Mobile phone number, Contact details and postal code.

  1. Product price: The goods are sold to the customers at the MRP prices unless it is mentioned. The price displayed at the time of ordering is the price, the customer have to pay at the time of delivery. The price of the product will not change on the daily basis, but some products and fresh food prices may change. In that circumstance, if price is more or less in both cases the additional amount will be collected or refunded respectively.

  1. Authenticity: The information provided by the customer should be reliable and authentic. Sweetoo have the right to validate the information given by customer any time. If the information given by customer is not found true then, Sweetoo have the right to reject customer’s registration and expel you from using services and other offers in our websites without any prior intimation.

  1. Delivery address: The address where the delivery of goods is required should be true and correct. It should be proper in all respect.

  1. Product description: Before placing an order of any product, the customer should read the description of product cautiously. After the order is placed, the customer is bound by the terms and condition of sale which is included in the product description.

  1. Monitors Display: With our great efforts, we tried to display the colours of our product as actual it is. But, if the customer recognizes any difference in colour then, it should be the difference of monitor display. We cannot give the guarantee that your monitor’s display of any colour is perfect.

  1. Amendments in terms and conditions: Sweetoo can make amendments in terms and conditions of using website at any point of time without any prior notification to the customers. Customer should daily review the terms and conditions on the site. At that moment, if amended terms and conditions are not accepted by customers then he or she can put an end to using services.

  2. Providing correct landmark in address is essential. If the landmark mentioned in the address is not specific and if the delivery man is not able to locate the exact address additional charges may be applied.

  3. Packaging for travelers : Sweetoo Shrikhand will be well packed in the Thermocol box for travelers. You just have to mention in the order note while placing an order or via phone call.

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